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Everything Can Change

Everything can change



Open your mind

Open your mind

What do you wish there was less of in the world?

What do you wish there was less of in the world?

I came across this question today and it got me thinking.

I of course would love a world where there was less of the many tragedies people are dealing with everyday.

I believe we all play a part in making the world a better place. And while we may be a long way off a world with less violence, hunger and poverty, I can think of one thing I wish there was less of in the world right now….

Judgement – People judging each other by the way they look, where they are from or how they act.

Judging people is something we are all quilty of, sometimes without us even realising we are doing it.

So I am making it my goal to grt to know people, and try and understand their story, becuase at the end of the day….

Stop Judging