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My Three Wishes

1) I wish that Cancer didn’t exist

I have seen the effects Cancer has on individuals and on families. I have watched family members and friends suffer from this horrible disease. Worst of all I have lost loved ones because of Cancer.

I wish That Cancer didn’t exist.

2) I wish that I could be a Mum

My husband and I have been on a long journey trying to become parenta. We have endured many obstacles and so far we have been unsuccessful in our endeavour.

3) I wish that sometimes life was easy and things just went to plan

I know very well that I am extremely lucky in many aspects of my life. i know very well there are a lot of people going through so much more than I am. However it does soemtimes feel like life is so hard and nothing seems to go to plan.

I don’t know if any of my wishes will ever come true, so for now I will just keep trying to believe….


LIFE - Love Inspiring Friends Everywhere



The Big C

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite televisions shows ever.

The Big C.

In short The Big C follows the life of reserved, suburban wife and mother, Cathy Jamison, in the wake of he terminal cancer diagnosis. Cathy vows to dramatically shake up her life, and face her diagnosis while trying to find humour and happiness.

The characters became like friends to me. I laughed with them, I cried with them, and I was inspired by them.

Cathy Jamison is one incredible person, who inspired me so much with her wonderful words of wisdom.

Here are a few of my favourite words….

The Big C

LIFE - Love Inspiring Friends Everywhere

I Love Books: The Girls by Bruno Bouchet

The Girls Bruno Bouchet

Maureen Ting is attractive, intelligent, happily married. She’s a great wife, a wonderful friend, a superb dance company administrator and she’s got great breasts. Keeping a doctor’s appointment no one knows about, Maureen discovers she has breast cancer. She adopts ‘sex and drugs’ as her mantra and embarks on a day that will transform the lives of everyone she meets.

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Yesterday I hosted my very first Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea to raise money for The Cancer Council.

I have been wanting to this for a while.

My family has had its fair share of Cancer, and I am proud to say they are survivors.

However last year I lost a dear friend from Cancer, and I thought it totally unacceptable that any disease should take away a beautiful young mother of two.

I am very proud to say that from something as simple as inviting a few friends over for coffee, cake and a few laughs we were able to raise just over $300 dollars for a wonderful cause.

My two beliefs when it comes to helping The Cancer Council are:

  1. Any little bit of money you can donate will help.
  2. Together we can beat Cancer

To all the families who Cancer has and is affecting,my thoughts and prayers are with you.



My Bucket List – Live To See Cancer Cured


A cure for cancer is something that I pray for every day.

Like too many people, I have had loved ones diagnosed with cancer, and unfortunately lost loved ones, during their battle.

For me the past year and a half I have been helping my aunty on her journey to beat cancer. It has been extremely tough at times. I really couldn’t tell you how many tests she has had, how many doctors appointments we have attended, and how many times we have questioned why us.

So today on Daffodil Day, lets raise as much money and awareness as we can, and get that little bit closer to finding a cure for cancer.

The day I can put ACHIEVED on this  status will be the most wonderful day.