Do You

Do You

Do you love me

the way I love you?

Do you want me near

with everything you do?

Do you wish we were

together all the time?

Do you wish I was yours

as I wish you were mine?

Do you think I could

make you the happiest?

Do you even know

that I do exist?



Our Travels

Our Travels

We travel many roads in life

some to get us somewhere

others to escape something

or may be just for a change of scenery.

Much of our travel may be chosen

we are given a path we must follow

others we just take not knowing

where they are headimg or where they will stop.

We may go alone to find ourselves

who we are

where we are from

where we are going.

We may have company 

to guide and support.

a helping hand, a person with experience

to help us find our way as they did theirs.

No matter where we travel

we will never forget where we have been

and never stop dreaming

where we want to go.

I Know

I Know

I am so sad

and I don’t know why.

It seems that whatever I do

I just want to cry.

I don’t know why

I feel this way.

I realise that you

just could not stay.

I loved you so much

you know it’s true.

But forever I will

be missing you.

And every time that

I shed a tear.

I do know why

because you are not here.

It’s Our Choice

It's Our Choice

In life

we have two choices.

To be sad and upset

or happy and joyous.

We can live our life

to the very fullest.

Doing every little thing

never having time to rest.

We can decide to do nothing

let life pass up by.

Just sit back

and wait to die.

We can love

we can hate.

We can choose our own path

or leave it all to fate.

Memories Of You


The very first time I saw you

when you walked through the door.

I thought my life had just begun

I would be happy forever more.

We had such a good time

though only for a while.

However my day was going

you always made me smile.

We did so many things together

I thought we would never part.

But then one day you left

leaving so much pain in my heart.

I dont’t know why you left

nor do I know where you’ve gone.

But one thing is for sure

I think of you whenever I’m alone.

I cheish all the moments we had together

but sometimes all I can do is cry.

I just hope you’re safe and happy

as I never got to say goodbye.


A Better World


Another year has gone by

we become a year older.

We wish for a better world

but it only gets colder.

More people on the street

more people dying.

A place with no honesty

just lying and lying.

People are getting hurt

people are becoming scared.

Wishing they were somewhere else

wishing they were dead.

The world can become better

a nicer place to be.

We just have to care

people like you and me.