I did it again….

I just can’t help myself when it comes to dairies.

I received this in the mail today….


I love it




My office is done

My office is finally done.

Organised and decluttered.

I will once again be able to sit at my desk and use it.

My bookshelf is also done.

For me my office is one place where I can sit and enjoy doing my favourite hobbie, my family tree.

In my office I am surrounded by things that I love. Photos of loved ones,  gifts from loved ones, and  a few little things that are full of memories. And of course some of my obsessions, the Fremantle Dockers, combi vans, and Marilyn Monroe.

Here is the result….







Today’s Chore

For me, Tuesday is a day that I stay home, and get some jobs done, that have built up.

Today my biggest chore is the office.

Lately the office has become the room that I just put stuff in and say I will get to that later.

Not anymore!

My motto today to get me through is simple….




New Week

A new week is almost here. 

I am a big planner and note writer. I have diaries, planners and notes all around.


For me it is so much easier to get chores done when I can see them in writing. Not to mention the great feeling you get when you can cross them off once they are completed.

Sunday is a great time for me to do my plans for the week, so come tomorow I know what I need to do and can get it done, because once my jobs are done, the real fun can begin. 

Enjoy your week.