I Love Books: Came Back To Show You I Could Fly by Robin Klein

Came Back To Show You I Could Fly by Robin Klein

‘She was the most beautiful person he’d seen in his life….Anyone who wore satin and silver lace and black nail polish, anyone who had a little flying horse tattooed on one shoulder, could reach heights undreamed of by other people.’

It’s the summer holidays and eleven-year-old loner, Seymour, lodged with a fussy guardian an inner-city suburb, is bored and unhappy in his confined world. By chance he meets Angie – a beautiful, charismatic Angie. He is bewitched, and his world is opened as she takes him on unexpected holiday outings and shopping sprees. Angie, however, is not what she seems. Far from being extrovert and carefree, she too is lonely and trapped in her own unhappy world. Angie is using drugs….


I Love Books: Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult

Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult

Moving seemlessly from psycholigical drama to courtroom suspense, Plain Truth is a triumph of contemporary storytelling Jodi Picoult preesents a fascinating portrait of Amish life rarely witnessed by those outside the faith – and discovers a place wheree circumstances are not always what they seem, where love meets falsehood, and where relationships grow atrong enought to transcend death.

When Ellie Hathaway decides to defend an unmarried Amish woman against the charge of the murder of her own child, the urban-savvy defence attorney finds herself caught in a clash of cultures with a peopel whose channels of justice are markedly different from he own. Plain Truth is the extraordinary story of two unforgettable women – and what happens when their disparate worlds collide.

I Love Books: Swinging On A Star by Terri Prone

Swinging On A Star

At twenty Daisy has it all. Fame, as the star of on Irish TV soap. An award-winning advertising excecutive boyfriend who adores her. She has good looks, money, and a career to die for.

Then a family tragedy changes her life. Puts her under pressure to marry a man ahe does not love, to live in a way she never planned.

Coping with two unexpected children, stalked by a deadly enemy from her past, finding her husbands ha secrets she neve anticipated, Daisy breaks through to new possibilities and falls fiercely, passionately in love.

I Love Books: Angel Of Honour by Jennifer Bacia

Angel Of Honour by Jennifer Bacia

In a world of passion, power and revenge, the price of freedom is sometimes the ultimate sacrifice….

Her mother was a legendary screen goddess. Her father was the president.

Wild, beautiful, passionate, she rebels against her convent upbringing to pursue secret desires and forbidden pleasures.

Rejecting the land of her birth for fame and fortune in Europe, she loses herself in the decadent high society of Paris and London….until a single, shattering event changes her life forever.

Her name is Noella de Bartez.

Angel Of Honour is her story – the electrifying tale of her rise to power, of the men who loved her, and the one who betrayed her….

I Love Books: The Girls by Bruno Bouchet

The Girls Bruno Bouchet

Maureen Ting is attractive, intelligent, happily married. She’s a great wife, a wonderful friend, a superb dance company administrator and she’s got great breasts. Keeping a doctor’s appointment no one knows about, Maureen discovers she has breast cancer. She adopts ‘sex and drugs’ as her mantra and embarks on a day that will transform the lives of everyone she meets.

I Love Books : Winter by John Marsden

Winter by John Marsden

For twelve years Winter has been haunted. Her past, her memories, her feelings, will not leave her alone. And now, at sixteen, the time has come for her to act. Every journey begins with a single step. If Winter is going to step into the future, she must first step into the past.

I Love Books: The Flowers Of Ballygrace by Geraldine O’Neill

The Flowers Of Ballygrace

Kate Flowers has spent all her young life by the banks of the canal in Ballygrace. Her dreams of becoming a nurse and leaving the quiet countryside of home have been put aside as she concentrates on looking after her widowed mother and volatile brother, Brendan, who works on the barges.

Then one day, Brendan introduces her to handsome young bootman Michael O’Brien, and a new life of marraige and motherhood beckons. Life for the whole Flowers family looks set to change – but joy and tragedy are close at hand, and Kate must find love and strength in the most unexpected places….