Never Far From My Thoughts

Today marks four years since I said goodbye to my Nana.

Always in my thoughts 💕 

Ii Think Of You




Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Yesterday I hosted my very first Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea to raise money for The Cancer Council.

I have been wanting to this for a while.

My family has had its fair share of Cancer, and I am proud to say they are survivors.

However last year I lost a dear friend from Cancer, and I thought it totally unacceptable that any disease should take away a beautiful young mother of two.

I am very proud to say that from something as simple as inviting a few friends over for coffee, cake and a few laughs we were able to raise just over $300 dollars for a wonderful cause.

My two beliefs when it comes to helping The Cancer Council are:

  1. Any little bit of money you can donate will help.
  2. Together we can beat Cancer

To all the families who Cancer has and is affecting,my thoughts and prayers are with you.



Some things are hard to toss away

I was cleaning out the cupboard the other day and came across a jar of Mixed Boiled Humbugs.

The jar has been in the cupboard for almost four years now, and every time I clear out the cupboard it goes back in there

Why you ask?

I had bought the jar of Mixed Boiled Humbugs while I was away, as a gift.

It was a gift for my Nana. Mixed Boiled Humbugs were here favourite.

My plans was to give them to her the following week when I saw her. Unfortunately plans changed.

I did see her the next week, however I never gave her the gift.

When I did see her it was to say goodbye.

I can’t tell you when or if I will ever toss away the jar of Mixed Boiled Humbugs.

I can tell you some things are hard to toss away….and that is okay.




The difference children make….

Today my husband and I attended a school fete.

I had a great time. I entered raffles, brought fairy floss and had a look at eveything that was there.

Although this fete was the same as last year. For me it was extremely different.

The difference you ask, is that last year we took our two foster boys aged four and six.

So last year, while we still entered raffles, brought fairy floss and had a look at everything. We also saw the boys faces light up after having them painted, we watched as they bounced as high as the could on the bouncy castle, and listened as the laughed the whole time they were on the catepiller ride.

So for me, today was a simple reminder that although sometimes it is hard work with children, there are always going to be things that are so much better with them.



Today I Embrace….

Today I embrace doing one little thing that I have never done before.

Today I got to hang a Christmas stocking up in our home for a child.

This is our first Christmas as Foster Carers, and we are so excited. We are very honoured and proud that the baby boy who has been in our family for three months will be sharing Christmas with us.

Today I embrace one little thing that means so much….