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I Love Books: Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult



Set in a small town in the wake of a horrific school shooting, Nineteen Minutes sees the return of two favourite Picoult characters – Jordan McAfee, the lawyer from The Pact and Salem Falls, who once again finds himself representing a boy who desperately needs someone on his side; and Patrick Ducharme, the intrepid detective introduced in Perfect Match, whose best witness is the daughter of the superior judge assigned to the case. As the story unfolds, layer after layer is peeled back to reveal some hard-hitting questions about the nature of justice, and the balance of power and what it means to be different.

The bestselling author of My Sister’s Keeper and The Tenth Circle, Picoult reeturns with her most absorbing novel yet. Nineteen Minutes is a riveting thought-provoking tale with a jaw-dropping finale.



Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Yesterday I hosted my very first Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea to raise money for The Cancer Council.

I have been wanting to this for a while.

My family has had its fair share of Cancer, and I am proud to say they are survivors.

However last year I lost a dear friend from Cancer, and I thought it totally unacceptable that any disease should take away a beautiful young mother of two.

I am very proud to say that from something as simple as inviting a few friends over for coffee, cake and a few laughs we were able to raise just over $300 dollars for a wonderful cause.

My two beliefs when it comes to helping The Cancer Council are:

  1. Any little bit of money you can donate will help.
  2. Together we can beat Cancer

To all the families who Cancer has and is affecting,my thoughts and prayers are with you.