Who would you choose?

I came across this today, and it got me thinking.


I had no problem choosing who I would sit with, my grandparents, all four of them.

The hard part for me was, what to talk about…

My Granddad past away when I was four, I have very few memories of him, and of course he has missed out on a lot of my growing up.

My Pop past away when I was 18. I was away for a few days before he past away, and didn’t get to share with him my photos from my 18 birthday celebrations.

My Grandy past away four years ago, after an illness, so in the last few days, although I was with her, I’m not sure if she knew.

My Nana past away the most recent, 3 years ago, although sometimes it feels like yesterday, other times it feels like forever.

There has been so much happen in my life since then I wouldn’t know where to start.

I would of course want to tell them everything.

But I think most importantly I would want to introduce my husband to my grandfathers.

And of course I think I would be sitting there thinking, how am I going to say goodbye to you again…





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