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It’s Monday


It’s Monday.

What does Monday mean to you?

I know to many people it is the start of the working week, and it is often not a day we look forward to.

I see it as a new day, a new beginning, something we are blessed to have.

Monday can mean such different things to everyone, but what ever Monday means to you, please enjoy.



New Week

A new week is almost here. 

I am a big planner and note writer. I have diaries, planners and notes all around.


For me it is so much easier to get chores done when I can see them in writing. Not to mention the great feeling you get when you can cross them off once they are completed.

Sunday is a great time for me to do my plans for the week, so come tomorow I know what I need to do and can get it done, because once my jobs are done, the real fun can begin. 

Enjoy your week.